Margot Didusch Leboyer was the fifth daughter in a musical family living in Innsbruck – Tyrol.

She got her first piano and singing lessons at the age of 7.

She studied at the Salzburg Mozarteum where her professors included Eva Illes and Karl Christian Kohn.

During her studies, she had her debut as Papagena and went on with roles such as Blondchen or the Queen of the Night.

The Tyrolian conductor Paul Kantschider asked her to sing Marzellina in his recording of Fidelio.

She met her husband at the standing seats of the Vienna State Opera and moved to Paris.
During this period, she devoted her time to raising her children and only took part to some concerts and recitals.

After moving to Geneva, she is resuming her career and has changed her Fach towards more dramatic parts.

She has worked in 2010 with Kurt Moll and has planned a masterclass with Christa Ludwig in 2011.